Thursday, October 06, 2011

Long time no see... Again and again...

So here I'm writing random stuff again... I just noticed I have some poems I've repeated... x.x Might end up modifying/deleting said poems because, let's be honest, who needs to read the same thing more than once in here?

Anyways, if you ask, dear blog, my life's been, as always, random and weird. Sure, it's crappy as heck at times, but what with a boyfriend and other things best left unsaid, I can't really complain :p. I'll just sit here and enjoy the show :3. After all, I'm the one who stands still and lets life go by xD. Anyways, I just wanted to post another poem... Don't feel like I should be writing much here... :3

"Passionate visions my attention derail
The roads of my mind fuse
Devising ways to make you enjoy
Pleasurable dreams that won’t come true.

I love to watch you walk this hallway
My mind constructed for you
As you tear through reality
I kiss your lips...

Desire my throat clenches
I drool like a dog for you
For your perfume, your eyes
My love has come true...

You stammer, I sing
No rails to forbid us to be free
Denying no pleasures, you’re me
No forbidden mention, Oh sting...

Poison, regardless of what
Poison, no loner means it
Destruction, your lips I kiss
Destruction, death to fix come has that...

Seal of lips, kiss of blindness...


A small poem I wrote ages and ages ago... It's been almost a year since I've managed to write anything, I don't know what will life bring, but meanwhile, I'm too bothered with interruptions and other things to gather enough concentration to write. I might pop around with yet another story <3. Until then.

"Death has left the Wolf alone, alone in this crowded room full of weeping nameless people who've never wept along the Wolf's best friend in life. May them all burn to a crisp, he's whispered more than once..." The day he died.

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