Thursday, May 27, 2010

Continuing previous post

:3 so... as I said, I was playing hooky on people and stuff previously, and guess what, it DID blow up in my face...

I LITERALLY SKIPPED a whole term >.> and I was just trying to have a little fun... but NOOOO, <.<>.<>.> )
Taking Classes (so far only a single class has been skipped :3 and that's amazing if you ask me :3 )
'Writing' some fiction (I'm trying to get that up to date too, but it's kind of difficult with my schedule and the amount of homework xD )
Trying not to whine about everything (failure)
Playing some OTHER video-games that do not involve addictive ONLINE interaction >.>
Finally getting to beat some of the DS games I've been itching to play :3
Finding out my fave manga is finally complete and now I have to wait 'till I'm somehow loose on classes to read it (I also have to fix my desktop >.> )
Wrapping it all, I'm back to the busy life of 'human, normal, non-crazy' people >.>
Oh, I also had 2 Appointments with my psych, she said I had worsened instead of improved... :3
AND finally, I started a diet, I'm losing weight like mad :3 It's just me getting a little less homework so I start gym :3

Luvles guys and girls, I hope to see you sometime soon :3

Oh, I also had a med-change... xD back to the morning-evening pills and a new one to quiet the voice you so love... Yeah, no wolf for now xD

Once more, LOVE you all :3 and love you too Blog :3