Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On Life

Thank you Goddess for the day you have blessed me with. I thank you for giving me the inspiration to fulfill a story, the courage to look up to the day, and the strength to remain loyal to my plans. I'm sorry if I skipped some opportunity, and I beg that you give me another chance sometime, and the strength with it, so that I not let it go. I thank you goddess for this day of life, for the early morning, the innate happiness, the unwavering eagerness and the ultimate compliance with the scheme you've devised, regardless of my feelings for it. I thank you also because you gave me the strength to bear with this disappointment, and because you gave me the awareness to understand that it wasn't my fault that I chose a bad spot to wait, but that I chose to wait to begin with. I ask that you forgive me for wasting my strength, such a precious gift, and I ask that you forgive me for not doing what you asked of me, what I've been craving for quite a while now.

Today was the day to come out to the person I like. I let the chance go because I opted to wait when I should have been hunting him down.

On another note: I finished yet another ending for my dearies Marc and Dennis, they have such complicated lives... I started with a sweet scene, but couldn't hold onto my sweet desires, ultimately leading into a chaos. Unlike the first devised ending, this one is factual and it's beginning to ramble. I like it, because it shows a part of my skill as a writer I didn't know, but I don't want to post any endings yet, not until I get my happy ending for them. I will try to complete the tragedy before heading into the lovely ending, but I promise nothing.
As for my other projects, they will have to hold on, I have to organize my life, and I really have to start doing something other than thinking. I might have to sacrifice my friends in order to advance, but I would rather not think pessimistically yet.

My life's been a waste lately... I've been attending classes that won't take me anywhere (mainly because they're not part of my career's plan). I've also been playing too much, and sleeping too much, and eating too much... And too many things too much... I just know that I need to go back to basics, but I don't know how to do so. For the first time, I think I might have to ask for a little help from external sources on leading my life back in track... I think I lack something, probably a specific goal, probably just a little shove up the hill, but the thing is that I feel lacking in something when it comes to my life.

Finally: My head's starting to clear up, I'm beginning to see a part of myself I didn't know, didn't think it was possible such a part existed. I guess life's a surprise, and we have to take it as it comes. :3 Nothing but move on and take this new aspect, turn it into yet another strength into which to tap when needed. Thank you Lil' dude and Pix, you gave me the lead into this discovery. I will sometime explain myself, but for now, I guess I better sort things out on my own. Maybe I should begin by not logging onto MSN every night? It could be the beginning of a new step in my life.
And crap, I hate some things about myself, things I didn't know I had, but things I've come to discover and things I have to fix, or at least find ways to cope with. I don't need any more hatred in my life, within me.

The wolf is in chaos, and you don't want to know where the granny went... I think that's yet another part of her on that stone... >.>
PS: Wolf says he's sorry he hasn't been publishing as often lately... He'll try to make some short stories for you... Then again, I doubt I actually have any readers... So maybe I'll just post 'em sometime and not worry about them being read... xD

Monday, August 02, 2010

And so, a year of changes brings about changes

I thought this would be a very different year for me, when it began, I TRULY thought I could take control of my crazy life... Thing is, something slipped past me and now I'm in control of a mad roller coaster xD, which isn't exactly bad, but it isn't exactly 'being in control' if you understand what I mean... Thus, we come to this pivotal point in my life: What happened 4 years ago must once more happen -.- I'm going back to med school, after four years of pure failure in Architecture (not because of the artistic, but because of something more sublime). Oh well, what can I do but leave with a smile and a trace of win behind me...? I sure will pass one of my classes (at least) and it's not the one anyone would expect me to ace, considering it's math related and such... xD Oh well, that's life in there...

As for everything else... I fell for this cute guy, he's like, too perfect to be true... but he's not interested in me... as always >.<>.> ) no more following a bunch of logic for me, I definitely fail at that... thus, I go with what my instincts tell me: I'm comfy alone :D

As for the career change... bad memories surround those days, when I dreamt I could be happy... oh the fallacy of being with someone who likes you back... -insert dramatic eye roll- Oh well, what to do but look forward and burn the past (a little more literally than I'd like to admit >=D ). I'd like to surround this time with happy stuff, but life continues to make that impossible... x.x have to hate being crazy at times...

:p enough ranting for a year, I guess. :p BYE? I dunno, I know one thing though, I might not write for a while unless I re-harness my inspiration (which seems to be out of this planet)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two sides: Prologue

This is a short story I wrote at college one day... I was inspired and wrote that... BTW, it's just a prologue to a longer, on a rather sadder tone, weird story. I'm posting this one 'cuz so far it's the only part I'm comfortable with, as I get more comfortable with the way things have happened in this little piece of heaven, I'll post it... :3 ENJOY :3

There he lay, a head in his arms embraced, out of breath, as pleasure ran through his body, his muscles contracting with each wave, jolt of pleasure, that seemed to course his veins. Only when the head in his arms jerked did he regain a semblance of thought, his bedazzled state slowly fading into something akin to the pleasure in memories. “How did it feel?” He was asked by a low, tender, slightly hoarse voice; “Liked it?” He was further questioned. His thoughts were still clouded by overwhelming pleasure, too dazed to think, let alone talk. He heard the same tender voice, now less hoarse, reply with something to his noncommittal grunt, a former attempt to reply with words before the hands on his back traced light circles, ghosted pleasurably along the contours of his body. He let himself wander off into the tenderness of the moment, not wanting the ghosting to end; all he could muster in reply to the caresses he received were slow, uneven gasps into his lover’s ear. Time seemed to stop whenever his lover’s hands moved, and for him, the moment seemed to extend endlessly…
He didn’t know whether seconds or decades had passed when the hands stopped moving. For him, it had been timeless, yet the sudden stop in the caresses was like a bucket of cold water had been dropped over him. “Wow” was his only word as he fixed his eyes into the emerald greens before him. “Good morning sleepy head” a soft chuckle escaped the lips he so wanted to ravish; “So, did you make it to seventh heaven?” From tender to naughty in a split second the voice he loved had changed. “I’m inaugurating ninth heaven” he managed to reply, breaking free from his embrace to rest on his elbows, a lot clearer his head, a lot freer his body from the previous pleasure. His loved one’s soft chuckles welcomed his remark; “I suppose that makes me a host” the young man in his arms replied, leaning over into a slow kiss. “You could be my guest of honor” he replied, smiling into the kiss he had received as a reply. “I love you Marc” his lover said into their kiss, their lips working at an ever-growing pace. “I love you too Dennis” Marc said as his lips got hold of Dennis’s lower lip, softly sucking, softly nibbling at it…
Their lips worked faster with each soft kiss, each small smile that was promptly replaced, overcome by yet another kiss. Marc’s hands shot up to envelop Dennis’s face as his eyes closed, his lips no longer working slowly on Dennis’s, instead ravishing each other as the distance between them closed. Dennis’s palms pressed firmly against Marc’s shoulder blades, their chests expanding against each other, their hearts beating rapidly against each other’s. Marc’s hand began a slow tracing along Dennis’s face, going down his neck, stopping over his chest, a half caress, half message to stop. “I think we’re going too fast” Marc said as Dennis gave him a moment’s breath, “I don’t want this to end before it begins” he said, pressing his forehead to Dennis in an attempt to contain his urges to ravish the young man he loved. “I’m okay with it if you’re okay with it” Dennis said, not as excited as his lover was. “Thanks for understanding” Marc said as he got off of Dennis and sat up on the couch they had been making out on. Dennis propped himself up to hug Marc’s waist, resting his head against Marc’s side. “I love you Marc” Dennis said, softly, as he hugged his boyfriend tightly, “You’re a wonderful guy”, he added in a whisper, a smile pressing softly against Marc’s side. “I love you too Dennis” Marc said, resting his hand on Dennis’s head as he tried to once more watch the movie they had originally intended to watch…

BTW, so far, this has two main possible outcomes: It's either a memory of a couple's youth, or an 'isolated event' in a 'real time' relationship. Both options are still open, and for now I'm writing the memory style, I'll write the isolated event sometime later, when I'm done with the tidal-wave-like turn of events my 'memory' has taken...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A break from the usual posts

SOOOOOO... yeah, this is not your usual rant/deep post, but rather a resume of my doings and undoings...

Basically: Bleh, been doing homework nonstop, fear I might fail a class if I don't tap into my full potential, and fear I might lose my sanity without the wolf. On another topic, I'm rather random lately, bursts of happiness invade me, and for some awkward yet adorably lasting reason, I am losing myself to my new friends. I dunno what's right nor wrong anymore, and that's that.

Anything else? I miss some people I used to talk to (Wallace, Shibu, Mr. Big Wolf, Jul) and more than anything I miss my play time...

Reckless as this post: I'm bored... xD

So yeah, that was your break from me ranting all day nonstop, get ready for next time, because there's a huge rant incoming! :D

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Continuing previous post

:3 so... as I said, I was playing hooky on people and stuff previously, and guess what, it DID blow up in my face...

I LITERALLY SKIPPED a whole term >.> and I was just trying to have a little fun... but NOOOO, <.<>.<>.> )
Taking Classes (so far only a single class has been skipped :3 and that's amazing if you ask me :3 )
'Writing' some fiction (I'm trying to get that up to date too, but it's kind of difficult with my schedule and the amount of homework xD )
Trying not to whine about everything (failure)
Playing some OTHER video-games that do not involve addictive ONLINE interaction >.>
Finally getting to beat some of the DS games I've been itching to play :3
Finding out my fave manga is finally complete and now I have to wait 'till I'm somehow loose on classes to read it (I also have to fix my desktop >.> )
Wrapping it all, I'm back to the busy life of 'human, normal, non-crazy' people >.>
Oh, I also had 2 Appointments with my psych, she said I had worsened instead of improved... :3
AND finally, I started a diet, I'm losing weight like mad :3 It's just me getting a little less homework so I start gym :3

Luvles guys and girls, I hope to see you sometime soon :3

Oh, I also had a med-change... xD back to the morning-evening pills and a new one to quiet the voice you so love... Yeah, no wolf for now xD

Once more, LOVE you all :3 and love you too Blog :3

Monday, March 08, 2010

What have I done...?

No, not another whining post... xD This one's just an update to what I've been doing lately:

Playing online, skipping classes and lying to people I shouldn't lie...

xD And I haven't been to my psych yet, so I guess I can pull this off for a few months more before it gets out of hand and blows in my face xD.

Peace? :3

Saturday, January 02, 2010

What I've been up to...

Well... let's see, I STILL haven't touched my plans, I lied to my psych about that, I watched Gravitation entirely in an evening (LOVED it... :3 ) and I definitely decided I'm not going to do much about my project... I'll fail this class... xD

I also discovered a few fun things about life these days, one of them: enjoy what you have as long as you have it :3.

Uh... I've been roaming Youtube in search of a song suitable of you, my dear readers (few, I guess...) but I just can't decide WHICH does more justice to Gravitation, so I'm going to post the three of them if I find a way to do so... Yeah, I'll just order them the next way:

So... This is the protagonist's (Shindo Shuichi) first song. It's amazing. After all, even though it IS a shounen ai, the anime IS a BAND Anime... there's gotta be some music there, ne?

This is the first time Shindo sang, of course this AMV is about Shindo's Idol, so you won't hear Rage Beat again, but instead, you'll listen to Sleepless Beauty. Mind you, If you think Rage Beat has anything to it, then Sleepless Beauty will rock you off your feet. Sakuma Ryuichi sure is great :3

This is another one of Sakuma Ryuichi's songs, in other words, Shindo's idol. This time it's Nittle Grasper singing this song. Sakuma-san is Nittle Grasper's Vocalist, and this song is from the OVA. I simply loved it :3

Basically, I broke my head figuring out how to work these vids, so you better enjoy 'em... :3 I love this anime. BTW, Gravitation, nor this Videos/AMV's, belong to the Autor of this blog, he simply wanted to share 'em on his blog for everyone's pleasure. And no, I'm not earning a coin off this :3 HONEST.

Then, on with the second part of my blog... So here I am, basically screwing my brain in place to try and get something done... I just don't have the slightest idea of what something is... -_-;;
Yeah, I'll so have a tough yelling at me next appointment with my psych... But well, who said being a Borderline's easy? xD I better just shut up... :3

ANYWAYS, say something blog... I'm drained... :3

Love to all who read this far... <.<