Monday, April 14, 2008

The pond of darkness

I have had a very bad year so far. I can barely see my reflection without wishing it away. There's been so many stuff lately...

A ton of us have been overlooked and hurt by those who love us. Many of us have dwelt over scars made by those who sworn to protect us. I can only think of my life, lonely and empty, when I am left alone, yet loneliness found that being around me is hard work and departed for better places. My entire life has been devoted to nothing, everytime I took a step, they lashed out at me, everytime I stood watching, they lashed at me. I've always look for permission, and I'm always denied, I don't know how to move if it's not inside. Damn this composition of self and selflessness.

Betrayed by my latter hopes, now what I could love is gone... I am so not happy, so not well. I despise the life to it given, despise the life-giver and more over, despise the feelings to it endowed. Thanks loner wolf for reading me. 'Till next time.

The wolf found a pup to take care upon, a dead pup though, needs it no more.