Friday, October 26, 2007

From Darkness to Darkness

How will I forget you? How will I?...
If I can only think of you, all I do is you, all don't do is you, all I love is you, and all I wanted, had, lost and deserved has been you...

Oh you my dear, why won’t you grant me your heart?

Grant it to me, I’ll only crush it

Grant it to me, my love will fill it

Bathe it my love will, bathe it in liquid flames

And your sadness will be washed away

Forever and ever, washed of life will your sadness be

Cleansed by fire, cleansed by blood

My love cleanse life will

From your gut, from your soul

My love cleanse of life will your existence

Deep from the shadows of this ocean

Dark as the night it portends

Overwhelming as its extension the feelings it spawns

Dreary as its inhabitants, none

Showing both of us, our very own shades

Deep beneath flesh it extends

Tendrils of death, tendrils of darkness

Tendrils of blood, dread, a nightmare

A sea nevertheless, untamable

A sea nevertheless, unfathomable

A sea within this shell, filling emptiness with nothing

A sea of nothing, of no more than shadows and death

From the vast darkness of the abyss it resembles

Born it was from the tears of a thousand suffering souls

From the very blood of innocents

The shadows of hell now inhabit such nothingness

Giving meaning to a meaningless expression of fear

Ocean of darkness, filled with the ever decaying corpses of the damned

Ocean of death, sheathed by the severed heads of The Undying

Ocean of nightmares, shaped by the endless night

Ocean of pain, The Undying to which I belong there are tortured

Flames, Sulfur, whips and maces for cover

Demons tearing apart our flesh for solace

The stripping of our pale skin for meals

The scalding chains that tie us for company

The unforgiving spikes fastening our souls to our rotting carcass

And amongst the darkness, I look up

I see the pale moon smiling at me, mocking at my disgrace

And I see the shadow that was once my own, dancing with her…

Shadow Two.

A poem to you, long lost friend and lover, a poem to you my dear lady bathed in sunset.

The wolf has begun to rot, his flesh tears apart. The wolf lives no more, without the love of his heart.