Tuesday, August 28, 2007

From deep within: The first... Pain

Pain, I did explain very much of what there is to it in the past post, but there's more... there's always more... we could say for example: what about physical, un-challengeable, overwhelming, down-hitting and over-turning pain? I know it sounds just like plain old pain, but I'm not talking about anything deeper or phylosophic-kind of more interesting things, I'm talking about plain old physical pain, the kind that makes small kids cry, old people sour and commoners all around scared... Why start with pain, I know you ask, why not death or fear, well, simple: I want to talk about plain pain...
I don't care if anyone thinks I'm being emo or anything here, I just write down what I feel... that's way more important than anything else pretty much... but, WHO CARES? Returning:
Pain can drive us crazy, make us impervious to mostly all things but the worst pain, and it can well turn us into measly-shadows of ourselves... it, can  be reassuring too... but mostly, it will turn you into a mere shadow of the spirit you were, seeking for healing in every known place, never finding anything like that... Of course, there are other kinds of pain (emotional, even knowledge pain, so to put it...) which leads me to a simple question, why bother speaking about what most of us actually know better than most?

There is a reason for everything: and the reason to pain is the reassuring comfort we feel when it's gone... We might never have met pleasure had it not been for pain, we might never have met boundaries had it not been by pain, we might never have met soothing had it not been to erase pain...

Then again, Pain is difficult to overcome unless the prize beyond it is really big (from surgical pain to the dreaded sickness that's overcome by plain will and lengthened efforts all-around)... but then again... pain is too long to talk about it in just a post, 'till next time!

And poetry's in too, 'till next time dear lovers of darkness!