Wednesday, February 09, 2011

4 Months?

'kay, Things.

Yeah, that's all my life's been up to, things... :3 I'm on a diet (which I break every now and then and eat a little more diet food than my doctor ordered me to eat...) And I'm losing lots of weight (though that's not good per se, as I found out :/) AND I am swimming in homework, some overdue, some fresh... <.< I had to get sick.

Bleh? I haven't had much inspiration lately ('cept for letting go of all my frustration onto a lil notepad) and I doubt I'll ever go that far again... You who ask why I haven't posted anything new lately, know this: I am busy.

Poetry? I guess I owe you that much this time around :3, though I honestly don't have new poems ._.. Well, I lied, I do have new stuff :3. Here's a little 'song' I wrote from some music (which I'll remember someday, but meanwhile enjoy :D)

"Debris, the residue of a gale
Rubble, the foundations were no more
Dust, nuclear kisses to the lenses
To dust, an illusion that’s no more;
Clear the methods you suggested
Proper were your words
As I basked in your perfection
Sunk into me your lusting thoughts.

Not a dilly-dallying person
Wasted no second the response
As I kissed you into conviction
Debris erased my heart and soul;
Sweaty bodies slumped forward
Fitting perfectly us both
Held me tight against your body
Through your ragged breathing, I go on.

Conclusive as your existence may be
Impure, lustful your thoughts towards me
Each and every of your savage thrusts
Cleansed my innards, cleansed my soul
The darkened thoughts I had been breeding
Efficiently, effectively your instrument tore
From the depths of my torn essence
I thank you, Dear Song…

Ode to a past, perfect love.

Not so flawed."