Saturday, January 02, 2010

What I've been up to...

Well... let's see, I STILL haven't touched my plans, I lied to my psych about that, I watched Gravitation entirely in an evening (LOVED it... :3 ) and I definitely decided I'm not going to do much about my project... I'll fail this class... xD

I also discovered a few fun things about life these days, one of them: enjoy what you have as long as you have it :3.

Uh... I've been roaming Youtube in search of a song suitable of you, my dear readers (few, I guess...) but I just can't decide WHICH does more justice to Gravitation, so I'm going to post the three of them if I find a way to do so... Yeah, I'll just order them the next way:

So... This is the protagonist's (Shindo Shuichi) first song. It's amazing. After all, even though it IS a shounen ai, the anime IS a BAND Anime... there's gotta be some music there, ne?

This is the first time Shindo sang, of course this AMV is about Shindo's Idol, so you won't hear Rage Beat again, but instead, you'll listen to Sleepless Beauty. Mind you, If you think Rage Beat has anything to it, then Sleepless Beauty will rock you off your feet. Sakuma Ryuichi sure is great :3

This is another one of Sakuma Ryuichi's songs, in other words, Shindo's idol. This time it's Nittle Grasper singing this song. Sakuma-san is Nittle Grasper's Vocalist, and this song is from the OVA. I simply loved it :3

Basically, I broke my head figuring out how to work these vids, so you better enjoy 'em... :3 I love this anime. BTW, Gravitation, nor this Videos/AMV's, belong to the Autor of this blog, he simply wanted to share 'em on his blog for everyone's pleasure. And no, I'm not earning a coin off this :3 HONEST.

Then, on with the second part of my blog... So here I am, basically screwing my brain in place to try and get something done... I just don't have the slightest idea of what something is... -_-;;
Yeah, I'll so have a tough yelling at me next appointment with my psych... But well, who said being a Borderline's easy? xD I better just shut up... :3

ANYWAYS, say something blog... I'm drained... :3

Love to all who read this far... <.<