Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally made it :3

YAY, This dark, gloomy, lifeless place is FINALLY connected to FB... WEEEE! ^__^

Now Nightmare Kingdom MIGHT get a few peeks at least once a year :3
I finally have stuff to write... working on a new project: Soap opera of a life... by Henry <3... I might start writing down everything about my life... and use this as a 'diary' xD though it'd seem far-fetched and exuberant... but what can I do about my life? It's not exactly the most normal of lives...

So as a trial run, here's the first drop of Soap Opera lifestyle :3 When you like someone... else. ^__^:

So this is the thing: A year ago a met this guy... he's crazy, at the very least CRAZY, but he's himself and respects others who are also themselves. :3 Pure win ne? Well, it'd BE pure win were it not 'cuz he's str8... Ignore my texttalk, I can't exactly stand it, but I can't really compel myself to write that word, or some others xD... Back in track (This will happen frequently): I like him, but I know I won't be liked back, so what to do? Be his friend and really make the most out of it ^__^ I mean, HELLO!? He's a cool dude and he doesn't mind me being totally queer (in more than one sense, mind you... I mean: weird clothes, weird hair, weird attitude? xD ) and while he's not prone to be locked up with me in a room (trust me, nothing'd happen) he's not exactly reluctant to relate to me as far as friends can go :3.
The twist: I stop liking him... for obvious, and some not as obvious, reasons... Take that, drop in a marvelous girl who's just like him, but doesn't mind me being a queer (a hugging sweaty bear queer at that mind you) but minds me being sweaty... >.>... and make them fall in love...
Where does it become Soap operaish you ask? Here:
THE VERY SAME DAY I WAS GOING TO ASK HER OUT SHE JUST BLURTED "YOU DON'T KNOW! I LIKE, AND I THINK I'M FALLING FOR -insert omitted name-"... Talk about lucky me, ne? well, to top it off... I can't help but laugh at it and support them, because although I USED to like 'em both, she's just become my best friend and he's just a cool kid I like to poke (I poke his ribs with my FINGERS, just in case you pervs think something else... -wags The Finger at you readers-). And they look cute on top of that... xD
Great, ne? I like someone who's unreachable, I get over him but I fall for someone 'reachable', only to find out they've fallen for each other... and as if that weren't great... I AM, somehow, HIS rival now... >> weird turn of events... xD

As you can see, my life resembles MORE a cheap, Mexican soap opera (no offense Mexico, but your CHEAP (Mark the word) Soap Operas suck big time... the rest are amazing :3 and I love Mexican musicians and have (or used to have) tons of Mexican friends whom I wish weren't all the way across the sea... >.> and definitely, Mexican food rocks) than an 'everyday guy's' life... And that's just the icing on the cake... the real bite will come once I start leaking all the amazing stuff I can't really think about without relishing... :3

'Till next chapter of my soap opera of a life, it's been a pleasure for this wolf to share with you his, and some other people's, secrets xD.

PS: In no way am I hinting at anyone known to anyone... the people in my life, albeit not fictitious, are not the people you might think about... and sometimes, they're people with whom I relate (and express relationship) as though they were locals, but in fact, aren't... so if you see random stuff around here (like the flying rooster skeleton to the left), worry not, they're just a part of the very special way I look at the world :3

"And Death, his robe on mysterious winds floating, rose to his lover, whose pale face and silver eyes shone down upon him who he loved..."