Saturday, May 30, 2009

A song of Songs

So... Think you're smart enough to crack this wolf...? ^__^ I thought as much... Here's a new poem, right off the oven and into the flames... Love you all ^__^

"In a perfect world, together falling

Our simple plans our demise becoming

Our dreams, a painful, bleeding wound

That makes you think it’s to die for

Emotional regression, wounds deep, wide open

Phantoms of such an Eden

In its own demise actor

Of light, of rain actor

Arctic melody to the full moon

Ever graying its day, its fun

A victim, prisoner of insanity

Freedom, with wings broken

My skin breaches, like crystal breaks

Directions lost in a grey landscape

Nameless plain roads, goals

Atrophy, uselessness of this heart

Red my blood as it stains this contraption

My thoughts scare each other

As cats and mice they act

A miracle’s gone missing

I stare into your light

Thrice hurt you with these desires

To see into your heart

A farewell, my princess

For now thee I grant

But know, remember me

Memory never be taken away

For this love I feel

For the pain I caused

I fade from this sorrow

I apologize…

A song of lament."

There it is... Enjoy it. ^__^ I might post a second poem by next weekend... Stay tuned... If there is anyone who cares...