Thursday, October 09, 2008

Third installment, sorry for language... ^^

Tanto tiempo sin pasar por aquí... Aquí está el último capítulo de mi pequeña historia... Tradúzcanla si lo desean...

Twilight Demise.

What have I become? What!? These thoughts echoed through my mind as I lie there, gazing at the corpse that was once my most important person, my loved one... He lay bloodless there, ever staring at nothingness his once blue eyes... His lips parted lightly, ever grasping at a never to enter breath, forever gaping in wait of their last kiss... Limp, floppy limbs, unable to hold my body, unable to support him anymore. I killed him, out of anger, out of thirst, out of hatred... He was not my prey, he was not the one I’d chosen, he was a mistake... No he was my mistake, my burden, my guilt, my all... I would never be able to redeem my soul of this sin... I run, run away from her, her enchanting musings on her guilt... She took him away, she took away my husband, the one who’d chosen to be with me, regardless of what I’ve become... She’d taken away my daughter’s father, and she’d imprinted on our family a mark of desolation, hatred, pain and despair... No man on earth would ever stand up to his selflessness, his undying affection, his everlasting patience, comprehension... No one would overlook my mistakes, forgive my lack of attention, my spacing out on nothing... None would ever understand why I was his, how he’d gotten to love me even though all I did was be there, like a decorative object, never being capable of feeling anything except my love for him... None would ever accept my daughter and I, twilight-dwellers... He is dead, as is his daughter and husband... I had to kill them, and now I proceeded to slay the bastard who’d told me where to feed, now my informant would pay for the sins I’ve committed... He laughs at my disgrace, to him, my love for the twilit one was but a whim, an expression of my lack of self-control. I showed him better... The sun is rising, as is my daughter’s spirit, I watch them, daughter and father, and I long to hold them in my arms... Being a daylight-being, I was saved by sunrise, but they will not come back, never... I will never forget his eyes, the unique purplish-silver iris and its notorious size... He might have spaced out during our life, during his lone-time, during my time with him, but he would never overlook me, he’d never hurt me on purpose, he’d never stop listening to me, he’d never let me feel alone... Now all that lasted with me was his corpse, eerily translucent. He was vanishing, everything he was now becoming nothing. I was never one to say goodbye, I never expected this, to go on without him... I was doomed to this, to being without him, and I would be forever... What will I do without my twilight, doomed forever to this day? What will to my dark, nightly soul happen, now that no twilight adorns my life?

Aquí termina nuestra travesía a través de mi corta pero accidentada trayectoria como escritor de cuentos e historias breves. Disfruten.
Mucha oscuridad, mucho amor y mucho conocimiento para todos, pronto volveré con más oscuridad para ustedes.